Stress and The Caveman

by Othon Molina, Ph.d.c, LMT, PhD.

STRESS . . .

a dirty word everybody’s talking about, and has been with us forever……….

Stress is something we hear a lot about now, but it has always been with us. It’s effect in ancient times was more obvious the stress of having to find food, coming face to face with a wild animal, a fight to survive. One of the reflexes that it activates, is the fight or flight response. Now, in modern times, we have a different kind of stress paying bills, pressure on the job, constant pressure, even getting married causes great amounts of stress. These pressures are less tangible and we need more and more ways of dealing with them.

The worst thing about stress is that it’s cumulative and seems to continually pile up on us. The weekend just isn’t enough time to get rid of it all. We will never totally be rid of the stress; what we need to learn is ways to have it affect our body and mind in a more positive way not negatively.

With that thought in mind we come to one of the most useful approaches to working with stress the Holistic approach. Using the body, mind and nutrition techniques has proven the most affective way to deal not only with stress, but improving health and prevention of illness as well.

The Mind. . . the most important part of the body the bio-computer. Without it’s positive functioning, you get all kinds of situations from forgetfulness to serious symptoms. The most important facet of mind training is, first of all, your attitude. If you have a poor outlook on life, you will be constantly under stress. That softball game we play sometimes? Some people play and have lots of fun, others are so uptight about winning or losing that they create more stress when trying to relax. One of the tools, then, would be to take a cooler approach to all intense competitive activities.

The other thing that helps reduce stress is the ability to relax. That requires some sort of relaxation skills, imagery, or the most common known form; meditation. What you think, affects your body to the degree that you can think yourself sick, conversely, you can think yourself well. This takes practice and sometimes the help of an expert to get started successfully. Only a few minutes of deep relaxation and deep breathing exercises can do wonders for reducing stress, increased productivity, inspiration or concentration.

There is no question since Tony Robins hit the business arena, business is bound to change. Just as important as the mental balance, needed to be clear and centered. Knowing that in life as well as business clarity leads to power. The ability to see clearly and know what to do, or not do, is what makes the difference between managing life, intense business negotiations, or high level human emotions or life tearing you down. The important fact is that each individual has to find their own nitch(center) and respect others.

Let’s look at the body next. For proper performance in our daily tasks, we have to keep our body in good shape. This means corrective body work to get the muscular imbalances, aches and pains out. We must do physical exercises for cardio-vascular benefits and some strength building and some kind of stretching for flexibility. We must enjoy our exercise program or we add more mental stress to the training. Some weekend athletes get so worked up over their softball game that they get ulcers. Many take the work competition right into their sports experience.

Nutrition is another important factor. Your body needs good clean fuel to run on and if it is under stress, you burn some important vitamins such as C, anti-oxidants and the B’s.

We can also debilitate the body through improper eating, too much coffee, habits and low nutrient fast food lunches. Some easy to follow tips: stay away from fats, highly processed foods, sugar, salt and stimulants. The best diet is the most natural; lots of raw or steamed veggies, whole grains, carbo’s, fresh fruits, lean meat, chicken and fish are good but not too much. And most importantly, eat when hungry and don’t fill up. Moderate eating is so much better for the body. It’s over eating more than anything else that can hurt your body, by excessive weight gain and overworking your system. In conclusion, have fun in work and play, take care of your body . Massage, exercise and good food will be your insurance for good health and less stress.

Let’s get out of the caveman mentality in business. By eliminating the ultimate stress of being in business, we can make every single human contact personally and in business have a harmonious outcome. That’s it, the true art of WIN/WIN- This whole system is designed to create abundance and harmony for all. It works best if we all agree to play that way together. Unanimously! You see this is it, we are all here together for each other, or we are not. There is no gray area in this fact. We can make this a better place together.

The true key to living in total health, is not just treat each other as you would want to be treated. That each of us work to change ourselves and work together in cooperation for the benefit of all human kind.


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