It’s What You Eat That’s Killing You!

Wouldn’t you like to have…

A healthy and vibrant body staying younger rather than growing older? Wouldn’t you like to have more energy now than you ever had before, better health all around and reduce your chances of the common diseases plaguing our society today?

It’s really up to you; just stop eating the way our society eats. Why in the age of our greatest medical advances do we have more health problems than ever before? In many countries we have over 60% of the population obese, we have a diabetes epidemic, we have more heart attacks, cancer, high blood pressure and more immune deficiency diseases than ever before, in the history of man. Here’s a good one:  we also kill more people in hospitals (700,000 + people) by using the wrong drugs or surgery than those who die from cancer (600,000 +), and from heart attacks (500,000 +). WOW! This study was conducted by some MD’s way back in 2000. Just imagine, these figures will have of course increased by now. What’s wrong with this picture? It’s obvious something needs to change.

Think about how our ancestors ate, that is our natural diet. We have not evolved that much in a few generations and yet the food we consume has changed radically. I am talking about way back before agriculture; as that is when we started a more widespread eating of milk and grains, during the start of heavy agriculture and animal husbandry, our bodies became more sensitive. Think about why we have so many people allergic to milk products and grains? (Actually it’s because of pasteurization and processing).  Could it be that our systems have not grown accustomed to eating them and we can’t tolerate these new foods? Just like what rice is doing with non-rice eating cultures. We simply can’t digest some of these foods adequately, if at all. These (mostly refined) carbohydrates are contributing to our insulin level disruption and causing many of the new modern diseases, diabetes being the most common one.

If you continue to eat as our modern western society eats, you will keep getting bigger around the middle and less healthy, I can guarantee that. To change the direction in which we are going, we need to firstly change our eating habits. You can create the body you really are meant to have and lose weight naturally if you need to, just eat healthily.  You can actually get to your ideal body weight with sound nutrition and equally importantly, the proper body composition by building muscle and burning off fat. You need to decide what is more important:  pepperoni pizza, fries, chocolate cake, sodas and cookies…or your long-term health and vitality. I have actually had people tell me they would rather eat like they are eating, than change. Well it is up to you! The body you want to create is at your fingertips.

Is good nutrition an easy and natural alternative to drugs and surgery for your health problems? Drugs most often only suppress symptoms with chemicals and never get to the heart of the matter. Drugs do not cure; nature does, if you give her a chance. In my opinion the most powerful way I have found to cure many illnesses and ailments, is by controlled supervised cleansing programs. Then a raw food diet with small excursions, into our ancestors’ food groups (Meats and nuts), will keep you the healthiest.

This is meant as a guide through the confusion of all the health information out there, and not to replace the advice and care of your doctor, that is, if he studied nutrition.  Because, guess what?  They don’t teach nutrition in most medical schools!

I know every day there is a new diet fad that comes out, eat this, don’t eat that, “The Zone” diet is pretty good, the PAMM (Pan-Asian Modified Mediterranean Diet) is alright, Dr. Robert Young “The PH Miracle”, is good, and what the doctors in “Spa Medicine” wrote is great, they break it down well. There are lots of books out there.  You just have to educate yourself and then most importantly “LISTEN TO YOUR BODY.” But you have to clean it first or you won’t understand the cravings. I had a student back in the 80’s.  When I said “Listen to your body”, he said, “Yeah my body says Snickers!” Well I said to him, “Yeah, but is that really true?” We have become addicted to sugar just as we have become addicted to empty carbohydrates and fat.

But what makes our system make sense? One of my favorites and the one closest to how our ancestors ate is from the book, “The Paleolithic Prescription” by Dr. Boyd Eaton, which to me is the closest to NATURE.  Follow the laws of Nature and you can’t go wrong.  You don’t have to go totally raw, or never enjoy some cooked food or occasionally drink a beer or glass of wine.  I am talking about seriously changing the percentage of healthy versus unhealthy foods that you eat. Much of this information is backed up by peer-reviewed science, as well as over forty years of study research and experimentation in different nutritional systems by myself directly, and hundreds of my clients.

The following time-honored nutrition principles can radically improve many of your long-standing health problems or better yet the ones to come.

At Least 65 to 80% of your food should be raw.  That is, Uncooked and Unsteamed.  To some, this is radical. I am at about 60 to 70%. The rest I call party food; some may call it comfort food. If I was to break down the nutrition percentage, I would say I’m at about 60% carbohydrates 30% Protein and 10% fats. The key is healthy carbohydrates, healthy protein and healthy fats. Second, if you eat meat products or dairy products, they should be only 5 to 10% of your intake, ideally only organic or free range wild meats and eggs. However, if you are overweight, it’s really best to get out of eating them all together until you stabilize. Go vegetarian for some time to get cleaned out, and your body will find its normal weight. If you are going to eat dairy, be aware that the dairy industry is injecting cattle with bovine hormones to boost milk production, also pasteurized milk is pretty much dead food.  If you can’t get off of them or want to transition, find these products raw, they have the digestive enzymes we humans need to utilize the nutrients. If not, they are not fit for human consumption. It must be noted that once weaned, there are no animals that drink their milk (see Weston Price’s work). Obviously humans have been eating animals and their products for many generations and some are never going to give them up. Just be aware that grass fed and organic beef is better than grain fed beef, full of chemicals and hormones. Of course this is personal, and can be spiritual, but we won’t get into that can of worms. We all know enough about the fact that cattle production and their raising is not an effective way of using the land and not working to keep our planet green; see the book “MAD COWBOY” By Howard Lyman and Glen Merzer.  I guarantee you will stop eating commercial beef and maybe all of it.  It should also be noted that all the countries with osteoporosis are the developed countries that drink milk, so this bull that milk is good for your body is all just a clever marketing campaign.

There are valuable enzymes and sensitive micronutrients that are damaged when you heat foods. Cooking and processing food can destroy these micronutrients by altering their shape and chemical composition. Frozen or highly processed foods are dead as well in my opinion, as even canned foods are pasteurized to the point where little nutritional value is left, it’s just fluff. Eating more vegetables and fruit will easily help you reach this goal of 60 to 80% raw in your diet. I am against juicing most of the time (at least fruit juices, green drinks are great), as it concentrates the sugars far out of nature’s balance, plus we are not even sure what all that fiber really does on a bio-chemical level. We know it helps with digestion assimilation and action in the colon, but we’re not sure of the subtle nutrients in fiber.


Eat More Vegetables and Fruit, I mean WAY MORE!!!


I think most people are dehydrated, in fact I know most are not the 75% water that we are supposed to be. I only know of one person like that, my friend Loren. He has been eating raw food for twenty years, but it can show you the other alternative is worse. Just think, if you look at eating anything that has no water in it, or cooked food, or the concentrated proteins like meat or cheese, or even nuts and seeds that are not soaked, it all takes water out of your system to digest. Imagine eating a whole bag of chips and they come out the way they went in! Yeah ouch. So where does the body get the water to digest and soften a whole box of cookies? It takes it out of your tissues. Let us first start out by describing further what you should stay away from:

If it’s man-made, don’t eat it. If it’s packaged with a bunch of extra fat, salt and sugar to taste good, don’t eat it. If it’s in a can, frozen, full of coloring or words you can’t pronounce, and totally full of chemicals, don’t eat it.  If it’s fast foods, deep-fried, dogs on a stick, assorted miscellaneous body parts, don’t eat it.  Stay away from non-real food, they will slowly kill you. That is the whole idea; I think to kill us off slowly, so we can use the drugs to help us with all the problems that this kind of diet brings. So we end up poisoning ourselves with drugs and man-made chemicals, whilst fattening up the pharmaceutical and political fat cats’ pockets day-in, day-out as they keep us in a state of malnutrition/obesity and dependent on their very own drugs.

ALL vegetables and fruit promote health, unless you are allergic to them or they cause gas or intestinal problems.  Actually if you get gas, or diarrhea from fruit that might mean they are cleaning you out and that’s not necessarily a bad thing.  One of the first cleansings I did back in the early 70’s, before I knew that juicing was too intense, was to go on a fresh squeezed organic apple juice diet. Yes you guessed it! It gave me the runs for days, but after three days, my body started to absorb the nutrients and it stopped being a problem. You may need some cleaning out. In fact I don’t know too many who couldn’t do with a cleaner colon.

It would be best to have most vegetables uncooked, but you may have to lightly steam some vegetables initially if your taste buds are shot, it may taste bland to you at first, try and not drench them in salad dressing, or add salt, that defeats the whole purpose of eating healthy. If you must eat a little salt with some food as you transition, then for God’s sake, don’t eat regular table salt. The best out there is the pink salt or Hawaiian raw salt, as table salt is heated to some 12000 degrees and is dead and toxic. If you need salad dressing, Olive oil is the best to put on your salad, the Mediterranean culture has very little or no cancer; there is something to it. But just a tablespoon a day in your salad can be enough, with a squeeze of fresh lemon juice. Olive oil has a substance called squalene. It can help neutralize toxic chemicals in your body, yet still high in fat, so use sparingly. Now I really prefer coconut oil, not just to eat raw, but to cook with. It’s the best.

Ideally we should eat about two to three pounds of vegetables every day and at least two to four pounds of fruit, for every 100 pounds of body weight. I eat that much at one meal sometimes, to get the calories when I just eat raw.  Remember if it’s raw, most of that is water weight, you won’t gain weight, eating piles of raw food, you will actually start to lose weight, if your body is overweight. Fruits and vegetables have good water that goes right into your system.  By that I mean, it’s structured water and not hard like tap or even spring water. You will need this amount of vegetables to optimize your body’s pH acid/alkaline balance and get the phytochemicals and enzymes your body needs.

Vegetables and fruit contain phytochemicals, which are powerful natural agents to promote health. They will also help to alkalinize your system, as most of us are far too acidic. Everything that is not fruits and vegetables is acid forming. Most people are over-weight not just because they eat too much, (which is true if you don’t burn what you eat, your body stores it in your butt and in your gut). The body holds on to the extra fat to neutralize your acidity (Dr. Young, PH Miracle). Most people benefit more from increased vegetables and fruit than from extra vitamins. And we only actually absorb a fairly low percentage of the ingredients in the pills we take. I like some nutrients and have used nutraceuticals, also green drinks if properly made will give you piles of vitamins, but I prefer to get most of my vitamins from real, wholesome food. For certain illnesses or conditions, using vitamin C or D, E or other special vitamin therapies as used in intra-venous, which I highly recommend for any serious illness. Intra-venous therapies have really grown in the last ten years. The latest is glutathione or ozone therapy. It is good in my opinion, consult with a holistic doctor.

Replace Nearly ALL GRAINS with Vegetables unless they are sprouted then cooked, or sometimes I use quinoa, millet or spelt (which I still soak). Most grains should be used sparingly and not at all if you are overweight or have diabetes or any other health challenges.

This is one of the keys to staying healthy. If you are not familiar with the dangers of grains, here is a little tidbit of information. Most animals can’t digest grain either. That’s why they fatten cows up with grain. Every grain has a natural non-digestible enzyme coating in it for the preservation and propagation of the species. The ancients new this, that’s why they used to sprout the grains before making bread. I know, corn on the cob, it’s so good, but do you ever see what comes out of you after you eat it?  Most of it does not digest in your system. My understanding is the ancient Meso-Americans figured out how to make it work, they used lime to make corn tortillas, that chemical reaction allows tortillas to be digestible. Sprouting changes the grain to a plant and thus it becomes digestible, only after soaking for two to three days. All legumes and beans should be soaked for three days for maximum digestion changing the water twice daily, then cooked at a low temperature, or at least allowed to grow until they start to sprout, then eaten raw.

I think that rice (particularly white rice) is killing our people, at least those who eat it two or three times a day and every day. I am talking about non-rice eating cultures. There was no rice in the Americas before the white man came (or the Asians) Hawaiians, Mexicans, Latinos in general are all getting diabetes, we don’t come from a rice eating culture. It’s only four generations back that we started eating rice in America or Hawaii for that matter. People think rice and beans are a Mexican staple. It was corn, not rice that we had in the Americas, and forget the Hawaiians. They didn’t have rice three to four generations ago. Now look at the obesity problem there, too. Diabetes is an epidemic as well with all the new rice eating cultures. I am here in Panama now and they have the same problem here. Diabetes is at epidemic levels, as they eat rice two or three times a day, and every day. It’s cheap and easy to fill those hungry bellies, but look at their bellies, all bloated and not healthy; Rice is killing our people. Even oats, amaranth, and other grains are digestible only if you soak them, if not avoid them, as they don’t digest anyway. Other hard to digest foods such as potatoes, pastas or any non-sprouted bread should be avoided, or at least cut way back on them. Pasta is the enemy! I know you Italians are thinking I’m crazy, but you are more accustomed to eating that pasta. We come from a culture that has grown up on certain foods, if you change your diet to a different culture than your digestive system is used to, you will suffer. This is where the eat for your blood type diet has a good handle, as if you are European decent you will be able to tolerate certain grains, as you have many generations eating them. The same goes with dairy products, although I believe that the pasteurizing is killing it as a food source, and now has become toxic.

Many people struggle with this grain restriction, all through the late 60’s and 70’s we all got into whole wheat breads and rye and all those healthy multi-grain breads. Now we know that most people are allergic to wheat, and grains, it’s because many of us can’t digest them in that form.

Some people even use the bible to support the use of grains as healthy and a way of life. What I have learned though, is that grains are rarely digestible and if a person has high insulin levels, which is usually the case these days, from the epidemic of immune disorders, they are much worse for you and should be avoided:

  • Diabetes
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Obesity
  • Allergies
  • High Cholesterol

If you have any of these problems, in my experience, grains tend to worsen your health. If one is healthy or underweight, soaked whole grain products are great and may actually promote health. Many of my athletes love their grains, and for carbo-loading it’s hard to do it simply with vegetables. And if you are burning lots of calories, it’s hard to pack twenty pounds of salad in a day. They burn the carbohydrates off so it’s not a problem for some. The real problem is excess carbs are stored as fat, so if you don’t burn it off, you will store it.

Not All Vegetables Are Created Equal. Some are hard to digest raw, like cabbage, broccoli, carrots, green beans, and brussel sprouts. (Carrots are high in sugar and generally should be limited as in carrot juice). However, these vegetables are high in nutrient values, so steaming them is good.

Salads are a good start but avoid iceberg lettuce as it has very little nutrients, compared to, spinach, green leaf, romaine, red leaf, or baby greens (Which I love) and are much better options. I’m not big on alfalfa sprouts. I think they are slightly toxic, other sprouts are okay, but not in large quantities. My favorites are sunflower sprouts, but all these should be limited. There are many books on sprouting; I will not go into the process here. They are highly concentrated foods, so just use them sparingly.

Other good vegetables include: Endive, celery, cucumbers, Chinese cabbage, Bok Choy, cauliflower, asparagus, zucchini, tomatoes, and red, yellow and orange bell peppers are all good choices.  Foods that should be used sparingly:  parsley, dandelion greens, collards, and mustard greens, onions, garlic and basil, or for that matter, all herbs. If you tend to have arthritis, there is a lot of information to restrict or completely stay away from the night shade family; tomatoes, eggplant etc.

Usually the greener the vegetable, the more good chlorophyll and nutrition are present.

If you cook the harder vegetables, you may want to steam the stems separately from the leaves because they require longer cooking time.  I usually avoid eating these hard to cook foods. I’m not sure how much nutrition is left after you steam the heck out of them.

Try to only purchase organic vegetables, now a days we have so many farmer’s markets around that you just need to look around your neighborhood. Some novelty stores also have organic foods, even some mainstream supermarkets carry some organic products now.  I think back to the early 70’s when I started going organic, how hard it was to find it even in Los Angeles, as many of the health food stores back then were pill shops and had very little produce. Organic varieties will decrease your exposure to dangerous pesticides and some of us health professionals that have studied nutrition, think they have two to five times more nutrients as compared to non-organic vegetables. Most people agree that they also taste much better. Another thing you may try is grow your own small garden or join a community gardening program. Most people complain that organic food is too expensive, and I wonder what is going through their heads. But listen to this, since organic has two to five times the nutrients, it goes a lot farther nutritionally because it is only 30 to 40% more money, so you are really getting more for your money buying organically and it’s going to be better for your body in the long run. I the stuff we feed our children. It’s really bad in general. Ever see baby food, or milk formula? Read the ingredients. Soy is poison – don’t eat it. Most of it is GMO anyway. I would never submit my children to that food; I would not even call it food. Then on top of that as they grow, we feed them fast foods, and sometimes more than regular cooked meals. I have had families tell me they can’t afford to feed their kids organic or even regular cooked meals as fast foods are so much cheaper. Scary thought that money drives us to eat that crap!

Keep your vegetables fresh, don’t wash them and then put them away wet, as they will spoil faster. Keep them dry until you need them. I even use paper bags to put them in, as they breathe.  Just recently I have seen some special plastic bags with small holes that breathe too, that way they don’t get all mushy on you. I eat them so fast that they don’t have time.

If you are unable to obtain organic vegetables, avoid the worse sprayed ones like apples, celery, carrots, grapes, green beans, peaches, oranges, strawberries, lettuce, potatoes, soy, rice and wheat.  You can rinse non-organic vegetables in a sink full of water with 2-3 ounces of distilled vinegar for 30 minutes, or use some solutions they sell in health food stores for cleaning your veggies and fruit, but to me it’s just not worth eating all the toxic sprays and chemical fertilizers they use these days.

A lot of my clients and friends, after sharing this eating regime with them, say, “What am I supposed to eat? That is too hard!!! I love pizza and beer!” Well so do I, but I don’t eat it all the time. Well, pizza rarely, but you know what I mean, balance is the key – way more balance, like 90% healthy to 10% cooked or non-veggie foods “Party Food”.

We are just so conditioned to eating the way we have, but as I said earlier “If you keep eating what you’re eating, you will keep getting the body you are getting – just more of it.”

Eating raw in the tropics is much easier than eating raw in Colorado, or any cold climate for that matter. But here are some recommendations for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It’s always better to make your own and avoid the restaurants unless, it’s really a healthy one.

There are many non-cook-books; there are better experts at that than me, but I will keep it fairly simple. Simple eating is good. It’s boring for most people, but guess what? Your body will love you for it.


Breakfast ideas:

  1. I eat a half of a papaya, 14 to 16 inches long, with six or so bananas. Something like 3-4 pounds of fruit at a sitting. Sometimes, I eat about ten mangos. When they are in season, I take advantage and eat lots of them. Contrary to most people’s idea, fruit in its natural state does not spike your blood sugar like carbohydrates. Test it out!!! You get some protein from fruit too; as I don’t think we need piles of protein anyway. I think that in general we eat too much protein as it is.
  2.  A whole pineapple or two if they are small and two or three avocados, or ten oranges, or a bunch of other fruit if I am not in the tropics. Grains (Quinoa or millet) maybe with berries if in the north, or apples, pears, (eat local when you can), and organic. Fresh whole milk yogurt with home-made granola (grains once in a while, or for transitioning) and a bunch of unsalted, unsweetened raw nuts.
  3.  A couple of cantaloupes, a watermelon, or a honeydew; I usually eat until I feel full. I never mix melons with anything else; they are much easier to digest and you get more out of them. Eat the whole watermelon if you want (a small one, not the Texas monsters). It’s also a good breakfast or lunch. These breakfasts will leave you hungry at first, but your body will start to absorb them later, just try it!
  4. If you need a lot of energy out of breakfast if you are training or work physically hard, I love soaked quinoa with figs and almond milk. Soak your quinoa with the figs in water overnight or for a couple of days, but at least overnight; then rinse daily, take the figs out to cook it, or leave them in if you have soaked two days. And to serve, add some almond milk or coconut milk and cinnamon, then put the figs back in and dig in. Maybe a slice of sprouted bread with some goat cheese if you are training, or spread avocado on the bread, or a nut butter. That will get your engine going longer than just fruit.
  5. Well yes, eggs, are sometimes okay, organic, but soft boiled if you’re going to eat them and without the bacon please. Most pork is not clean meat as the commercial growers fill them with antibiotics and hormones. They are also fed commercial grains and other mixes not natural to their diet. Organic pork raised in your backyard is another story. I have friends who have done that and the meat is very good, and healthy. Maybe some veggies, or some sprouted bread or a sprouted bagel. A nut butter occasionally is not bad; just remember all fats especially the saturated kind should be used minimally if you are overweight, once or twice a week. If you are burning your calories eating like this often is okay, but if you are overweight, stop eating fatty foods and empty carbohydrates!! Instead, stay with fruit, vegetables and some legumes..
  6. Nobody ever said you couldn’t have steamed veggies for breakfast or a big salad, with soaked nuts or a little goat’s cheese. Try it!


Some lunch ideas are:

  1. Huge salad in a family-size bowl, 3 or 4 pounds, with greens, avocado, some soaked almonds, tomatoes and bell peppers, which about does it. I use no dressings, maybe some olive or coconut oil. All oils are high in fat. Most people don’t need the extra fat. (Hey, what a concept! If you’re overweight, you don’t need more fat! Olive oil in moderation means that you take two to three teaspoons a day, max. Most people carry a few months of extra fuel). If you cook with oil, the best is coconut oil.  It cracks me up to see obese people sit at a restaurant and eat two hamburgers with French fries and then order a diet coke. I just don’t get that one. Stay away from all that fatty food, low-fat food and the diet stuff too, it will kill you. Splenda and Saccharin were developed, as insect poisons initially, certainly not for human consumption. Now they are putting corn syrup and the death sugar aspartame in about everything. Just eat the sugar instead, and better yet, give that up too, especially the soda and crap that has all the extra sugar. There are ten teaspoons of sugar in a can of coke! A better alternative would be natural, organic raw sugar, unprocessed honey or indeed Stevia, which is a natural organic plant whose sweetness is 200x that of normal processed sugar! The problem with sugar and processed salt is they have been heated to such extremes that it kills all the natural enzymes and nutrients in them, which help us digest them. Since it has none of its own minerals, the real harm is it robs us of our minerals to digest it. Sugar especially, can rob your body of these necessary minerals; that’s how it rots your teeth and body.
  2. I may eat just a whole head of lettuce (Romaine, or two red lettuce) and wrap bananas in the leaves. Six or seven bananas will usually do the trick. (Apple bananas, less if they are large ones I may eat just two or three large ones). Or a bunch of tomatoes with maybe some avocados. Keep it simple. The body digests best only a few foods at a time and they must complement each other. There are plenty of books and charts on food combining, the key is, don’t eat protein with carbohydrates (simple), and don’t mix grains and fruit (usually). Don’t mix sub-acid fruits with sweet, but try it out yourself, if what you eat gives you gas, your mixing something wrong. The worst in the American diet is steak and a big baked potato, or eggs, toast and orange juice. Well you get the picture, simple is better.
  3. Maybe some steamed veggies, or lentils. If it’s cold, there is nothing like a good bowl of vegetable soup, but I’m usually raw for lunches in the tropics. Cooked in the north just feels better and is okay when eating healthily. What is healthy? I have lots of people tell me they eat healthy, then they eat this big pork dinner with rice, or they say they only drink diet coke? Sorry that is not healthy.
  4. If you need some protein after when training hard physically, eat the salad with a little tuna or salmon, but it should be 10-20% of the meal, not 80%. Other proteins I eat are hard boiled eggs in a salad or soaked nuts or some goat’s cheese. I stay away from tofu; tempeh is much better, occasionally. If eating chicken, get organic or at least hormone free. Other meats should be organic or at least grass fed beef, and free range is always better. It may cost a bit more but will do much more for you.



  1. Salad again, always good. Include those leafy greens (spinach, kale, romaine lettuce, broccoli, bok choy etc.), maybe some steamed veggies or soaked cooked grains. (If you are training or working physically hard, a little goats cheese in the salad, or soaked nuts or fish.).
  2. Baked potato, (once in a while it’s okay, but not all the time if you are not over-weight) or sweet potato, with quinoa or some other grains, and salad.
  3. Soups, multi-bean is one of my favorites, with tortillas. Throw lots of greens in the soup like kale, spinach or Bok Choy. Or a nice big bowl of vegetable soup. With sprouted bread, or tortillas with guacamole (avocado).
  4. Once in a while, maybe some potatoes (small red ones, little white ones or yellow are the best), or spelt or Quinoa pasta and greens (if you are training and are not overweight). Have meatballs with your healthy pasta – there’s nothing wrong with organic ground beef or Turkey. I mix in veggies with the meatballs, lots of onions and garlic.
  5. Fish and salad, or steamed veggies. I eat fish maybe once a week or twice a month, not every day. This too if you are training or not overweight, eat the wild kind, the farmed fish are toxic. Atlantic Salmon (unfortunately we are polluting the Pacific from the Fukushima nuclear disaster), Halibut and Cod are good choices or something local if you are not in a polluted part of the world. We eat lots of sea bass and red snapper in Panama and Hawaii.  I have eaten Ahi or Yellow fin Tuna for thirty years and I have no toxic metals. There is definitely something to eating balanced. Lots of salsa with cilantro takes out heavy metals. Unfortunately we have to stay away from fish from Hawaii now (Radioactive). There is also chelation therapy for heavy metals if you live in Hawaii or North America.
  6. A salad with some animal protein generally works well for most people transitioning to less meat, but make it a small serving of protein and large serving of greens, 80-90%- greens 10-20% protein. If you think chicken is good, and you can’t live without it, then buy organic, as chicken is the most polluted of all meats. I usually avoid it. They are kind of disgusting creatures; caged, and still very high in saturated fat. If you’re going to eat flesh, eat bison, or other natural game, they have the omega-3 and less of the omega 6 which is harmful in most commercial meat. Beef, ideally grass fed and organic; you can find it in many places now.


Water and other beverages.  Do not drink tap water!

Your exclusive beverage should be water and not with your meals. If you eat 80 to 90% raw you won’t need that much water. The water in fruits and vegetables is much easier for your body to absorb than the drinking water on the market. Bottled spring water (not drinking water) is okay, but it is expensive and has a negative impact on the environment. Reverse osmosis or other filtered water systems will remove virtually all problems from the water including fluoride and chlorine. Carbon filtered water systems work well but do not remove fluoride and that is a big problem. So don’t buy into that about using fluoride in your toothpaste, it is a poison.

Note that nearly all of Europe used to add fluoride to their water supply, but after they studied the issue more carefully and saw how toxic it was, they decided to remove it. USA is still trying to poison us with chlorine and fluoride. Chlorine is a toxic chemical and should not be consumed in any quantities. Normal filtered water systems cost approximately 25 or 35 cents per gallon. However, other new filters are a more effective solution that will bring the cost down to 5-10 cents per gallon.

Try not to purchase the one-gallon cloudy plastic (PVC) containers from your grocery store as they transfer far too many petro-chemicals into the water and I’m not sure it’s any better than tap water without chlorine anyway. They have done studies that the water in most stores is not that great, I think it’s dead too, no life force – see (Victor Shalberger’s work or Dr. Imoto). The five-gallon containers and the clear bottles (polyethylene) are a much better plastic and will not give the water that awful plastic taste. Better yet, buy your own filter system. There are many on the market that are good, look around on the internet.  Also, there is plenty of information on alkalizing your water but that is another story. You can obtain them locally from Home Depot and other water stores have filters. Culligan is a far better choice than Brita filters (Wal-Mart). They simply screw directly into your current faucet and only take a few minutes to install.  However, please recognize nearly all carbon filters will not remove fluoride from your water supply unless they go down to .001 microns.

Most people do not drink enough water, but even those who do, are dehydrated I say again, eat more raw foods. They have always said the rule is one quart of water for every fifty pounds of body weight. It will also be important to sip the water all day long to get that in, it’s hard but you see everyone now with their little water bottle, never saw that back in the 70’s or before. It’s water or a Starbuck cup! Your body can only process a bit more than a glass of water every hour or so and then you got to pee everywhere. If you drink much more than that at one sitting, the extra water will not be used, but end up in the toilet. The water in food is structured so it enters the body easy and is used effectively, not like tap water, which is too acidic and is in bunches of 25 molecules, as compared to 5 in structured water. There are many books on water. Read about it, (too much information to put here).

Most people do not recognize that their shower or worse, a bath, is a significant source of chlorine exposure. It would be best to put a filter on your showerhead too. If you take a bath, fill it up from the shower filter. These are probably not necessary if you obtain your water from a well or spring like we have.

Avoid Coffee!  Unless it’s organic; most people recognize that coffee is not the best fluid to drink, especially on an empty stomach and daily it’s a killer. Also it is way too acid forming and also will dehydrate you more, just like beer and other sweet drinks, including fruit juice. I avoid all juices most of the time, unless I’m traveling, and can’t get enough fruit. And what’s worse, they put sugar in some of them now to boot, so watch out!  Coffee is highly sprayed and full of chemicals, it has been shown to raise cholesterol levels, mess with your insulin levels, contribute to arthritis and some say stroke, damage your blood vessels (by creating plaque) that’s because the body holds on to the fat to neutralize the acidity and thus increase risk of heart disease.

If you are Cuban (like one of my friends says) struggling with the food changes, you can leave off the coffee as one of your last changes, but stopping or at least cutting back on coffee should clearly be one of your goals and if you MUST DRINK IT…GET ORGANIC!!! And once in a while it won’t kill you.  It’s those people that drink five or six cups of coffee every day and no food that will make your adrenal glands work overtime.


Healthy Fats

Essential fatty acids play critical roles in human health and brain function. Cell membranes (all cells) are composed of a double layer of fat and the brain is 50 to 60% fat. Of course it also has the lecithin just like the egg to balance it out. We have all heard of Omega-3 fats, DHA and EPA and many people are also taking fish oil capsules and flax seeds or flax oil (which I don’t recommend as most of the oils I have found are rancid). These nutrients are essential to brain and nerve function. Also, the good fats (Essential fatty acids) help you break down the bad fats (Bad Cholesterol and Trans fatty acids). See below article on avocados, they are by far some of the best food on the planet.

  1.  Avocados contain 18 amino acids required to form complete protein that is used more efficiently by the body, than the proteins found in meat.
  2.  Avocados contain more natural fiber than any other fruit; and this high fiber content aids in digestion and total absorption of nutrients into the body.
  3. The healthy fats found in avocados raise “good” cholesterol (HDL), while lowering “bad” cholesterol (LDL) and triglycerides by 20%.
  4. Avocados contain 35% more potassium than bananas.  Potassium is very important because it regulates blood pressure.
  5. Avocados provide the necessary lutein to protect you from age-related eye-degeneration.
  6. The anti-inflammatory properties of avocados prevent and/or treat rheumatoid arthritis.
  7. Sufficient amounts of oleic acid improve your cardiovascular system and protect against prostate cancer and breast cancer.
  8. Vitamin B6 and folic acid control the levels of homocysteine in our bodies.  High quantities of homocysteine are linked to increased risks of death from heart diseases.
  9. Glutathione boosts your body’s immune system and keeps your nervous system healthy. 


Dr. Christian Cortés-Rojo

Some nutritional anthropologists think that when the caveman started eating fish and wild game the human brain developed faster because of the high levels of DHA and essential fatty acids found in fish and wild game.

In cell membranes, omega-3 fats improve your cell’s response to insulin, neurotransmitters and other messengers. They also facilitate repair when cells are damaged.  They show that many young women benefit from this increase in essential fatty acids and improve their moods, getting many out of depression, especially if they are vegan.  On the other hand, omega-6 fats and all the saturated fats that bring Trans Fatty Acids (TFA’s) into the body contributes to an insulin weak immune system, altering mood, and impaired learning and cell/tissue repair. All the NEW MEAT is not healthy.

There is tons of research that shows that it is critically important to dramatically reduce the amount of TFA’s (Trans-fatty Acids) and omega-6 fats in the American diet and to increase the amount of omega-3 fats.  To do this, you will need to avoid all vegetable oils and deep-fried food and most of the meat products (ground beef, hot dogs, processed meat are all polluted) and is out of balance with the omega 3 and 6.

My personal preference for omega-3 is good quality Cod Liver Oil or wild salmon, the next few contain less but are easy to get: powdered flax seed, not oil and now you can get hemp seeds or oil. You might cringe at this recommendation of Cod Liver Oil, but that is only because most brands of cod liver oil or flax oil are sometimes rancid and spoiled fats can smell and taste terrible.

You have to find the Cod Liver Oil that smells fresh and then it will not have a bad taste, if it tastes or smells bad, it’s rancid. If you buy the capsules break one open and eat it, if it tastes bad, don’t take it. If for whatever reason, you are unable to take cod liver oil, you will need to consider another source of omega-3 fat, fish oil capsules or lots of fresh fish.


Vitamin D

Vitamin D is particularly important for all of us who are not getting enough sun, although that is even debatable, as sunlight is the single most important source for it. Actually you get some from green leafy vegetables too, and sunflower seeds are good sources of natural vitamin D.  The vitamin D content of cod liver may cause problems if you have significant sun exposure during the summer months or if you live in latitudes closer to the equator, like Panama or Hawaii. I never worried about Vitamin D there.

This is a very tricky topic as there are many complex variables involved and you may actually need to measure blood levels of vitamin D if you have problems.  But there is a lot of new research showing how good vitamin D is for Cancer and other autoimmune diseases.

Probably the least expensive and highest quality fish oil capsules are obtained at Costco. Their Kirkland store brand has 300 capsules for under $10.  As far as I can discern, the Kirkland fish oil is not normally rancid, this may be due to their large turnover.

Another way you can receive the necessary omega-3 fats is eating meat that is allowed to “free-range.” Most wild game is great for the omegas but not always available in most cities. We were lucky in Hawaii there was farm raised buffalo and other wild game. We also had several ranches that had grass fed beef, which is the only beef to eat really, if you’re going to eat it and organic of course.

The whole cattle industry is really a mess and with the event of hoof and mouth disease and the recent mad cow disease epidemic in England. This is close to happening in the United States as they still feed ground up dead animals to cattle, yes they feed dead animals to the cattle. Read Mad Cowboy!!

I apologize as some of the sources I used I was not able to find the names of the authors. I obtained most of the information in this article from the internet some years ago and lost the name of the authors. If you find I have used your information, please contact me so that I can give you the proper credit. Other sources used are: Dr. Young, Lockman, Dr. Simpson, Dr. Sinatra and Dr. Suarez Mendez (from Spa Medicine).



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